Microbial genomes & Physiology

It all starts with the microbial cultures. The first or the basic thing that any microbiology research begins with the characterization of the microbes- it’s identification, physiology and genomics. It also goes for the identification of either a pathogenic or a non-pathogenic and also a beneficial microbe first characterization will be the ability of the microbe to grow and develop in a specific media, for differentiating the pathogenic microorganisms and a non-pathogenic microbes by a streak plate method. So, It is quite obvious that most of the pathogenic bacteria can grow on any given nutrient media,  in Blood Agar Medium, which will assist us in the identification of the bacteria, and its further genomic classification especially seen during  the addition of blood,. Which, takes later on us to the physiology of the microbes, here it observes the time of the cell division, type of the cell division, and the type of the bacteria, and  they are autotrophs or heterotrophs, and the major nutrients, growth factors & environmental factors required for its growth and which ones have a negative impact on its growth.

  • Characterization of the Microbes
  • Cell division
  • Autotrophs or heterotrophs
  • Microbial Nutrition
  • Microbial Life, scope and history
  • Microbial Structures

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