Enormously Bacteriology has evolved since it’s advent by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. Numerous ultra-modern bio-medical technologies which is used to study the increasing of complications, re-emergence of pathogenic bacteria   and the discovery of various new mechanisms and, the field of bacteriology is on the rise- both in the fields of research, commercially and study as well. Bacteria which is metabolically active, is single-celled with no nuclear membrane, are the primary reason of any infection and/or disease.  bacteria, those are minuscule, is relatively erudite, and highly complex to almost all the circumstances. Only for the lines of the pathogenicity of the organisms- the infectious criteria bacteriology was studied for both plants and humans; the beneficial aspects of these bacteria were studied and focused was only in the later stages.

  • Bacterial genetics
  • Bacterial growth and reproduction
  • Bacterial physiology
  • Bacterial skin infection
  • Good bacteria and probiotics
  • Epidemiology of bacterial diseases

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