For the past 20 years, AgileBio has been developing LabCollector, an All-in-One LIMS and Electronic Lab Notebook, as a collaborative tool that improves research productivity and provides traceability for teams of scientists in industry and academia. Do everything you need in one centralized software with a user-friendly web interface: manage your inventory and storage (strains and cells, primers, sequences, samples, reagents and supplies, instruments, documents and more), record and share all your experiments in an easy-to-use Electronic Lab Notebook, manage lab services and complex workflows.

LabCollector is used in biobanks, academic and private R&D, analytical laboratories, biotechnology, food and beverage, environmental analysis and more.

Worldwide, more than 50,000 researchers in 1,000 laboratories use LabCollector every day to centrally manage, share and access all their laboratory data.

AgileBio provides all the services needed to install and configure LabCollector in your lab to unleash your full potential and help scientists pursue ambitious goals.